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Beachwalk St Johns Crystal Lagoon

The Beachwalk community is one of the newest developments in North Florida near Nocatee. Amenities include the 14-acre crystal lagoon that is so big you can kayak in it or you can grab a drink at the swim-up bar. As your St Johns Realtors, contact us today to schedule tours of homes for sale.

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Beachwalk St Johns Homes For Sale

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Beachwalk St Johns Crystal Lagoon

Video Transcript

Okay, welcome back again. My name is Cory Weikel Realtor in St Johns County and Jacksonville, Florida. Today we’re going to be doing a Beachwalk Nocatee Florida neighborhood drive and we are entering right now. There is a total of six different sub-communities inside of Beachwalk that you can buy property in. As you can see on the left-hand side. There are also apartment complexes that you can rent out in addition.

This is one of the newest communities in St. Johns County and as you’ll see they are still building a lot in some of these neighborhoods and they have building sites in all the neighborhoods still going out. So the first one that we are going to look at is going to be the reef. It is going to be right up here and you can see we’re entering the reef when we have these two pillars that we are going to be going right down the center of. So the Reef community is single family homes. As you can see we turn right here and now we’re in the community. So like I said single family homes between 1,503 to 2,298 square feet. Bedrooms going to be looking at between two and four bedrooms, depending on the size of home you get and bathrooms will be to 2 to 3.5 bathrooms.

Each of these family homes, whether they are single or Two-story homes will come with two-car garages, and pricing starts at $312,000 and it goes up to $367,000 if you’re going to get the higher model, of course, that is starting and any additional upgrades will be on top of that. So this is the crystal Lagoon facility. So you’re going to be having HOA fees monthly. HOA fees in this community will be $314 with a special assessment of $293 and you can expect the tax rate to be up about 1.25% of the value of the home. So as you can see most of the homes are built on this side, they are building some still but if we look straight ahead there will be more homes in the community all along that side straight ahead. Those have not obviously started construction yet, but they will shortly so there are three ponds in this community as well.

We took the right-hand turn here. Now. We’re going to be getting into the Grand Isles Community, which is also built by Lennar like the Reef is so these are actually going to be Townhomes. And for these homes, you’re looking at between 1,611 square feet up to 1751 square feet as you see they don’t have a ton constructed right now. They are building pretty slowly but it is going to be a very big community as you can see from the site map. Bedrooms here you’re looking at two or three bedrooms and baths are going to be looking at 2.5 baths for each of these Townhomes no matter which floor plan you do select. Pricing wise for these is going to be $250,000 to $263,000. As you can see as were driving here all these to the side you obviously can see the pad of the concrete hasn’t even been laid yet.

But all these will be Townhomes all along here. It is a big circular Loop. That you can see from the site map, that I will put up in the corner as well. So we have that, they’re all going to have one car garages as well. Let’s see. So this is right here. We’re going to have to do a U-turn. However, when this community is done, it will be straight ahead and it will be a complete Loop that you can go through. Monthly HOAs for this community is $417, a special assessment of $149, and a tax rate is projected to be about 1.25% for these Townhomes as well. The one thing that I do like about these Townhomes, is that even though they are only one car garages, once we get up here it’ll be easier to see that they do have a very long driveway. So you could get in one to two cars that, sorry that you can get at least two cars in these long driveways. As you can see if they small cars right here you can probably even get close to 3 if they are small cars, they also come with screened patios as well and you still get all the great amenities that you get with the single family homes to get that Crystal Lagoon and all that stuff that we’ll talk about. We’re exiting this community going to our next community.

So we are now leaving the Grand Isles and will be going back. We have to go through the center of The Reef as you can see. This is where we turn right. That’s where the reef is going to continue building up. There will be single-family homes around that pond that they’ll probably be feeling up a little bit more. But if we’re looking at the amenities of this community, so you have the 14-acre crystal Lagoon. It is beautiful. It comes with two water slides as a swim-up bar associated with it. There’s a 12,000 square foot private beach clubhouse that has a restaurant in a full-service bar. You have a dog splash park if you have dogs and then there’s a large and a small dog park for the different sized dogs as well. You’re going to have volleyball courts, sand volleyball court. You’re going to have 6 tennis courts as well that are in the community and. Well, that’s not built right now as of February 2021 they are building retail space. So it’s going to be a huge retail section. So it will be very easy to get groceries, to go to bars and restaurants outside of this community. So there are so many amenities in this community. Even though the HOA fees are high. If you have kids I can guarantee they’re going to absolutely love that crystal Lagoon and I will show some pictures of it at the end here. It’s okay. I’m moving on.

Now we’re going to go to the Atlantica Isles. It is open to right turn in here. This is not built by Lennar. This is built by Americrest. These are what I call single-family Townhomes because they’re not the thin Townhomes that we just saw their larger townhomes with two-car garages, but price-wise all these are far more expensive. There $700,000 starting to over a million, you can get a good discount if they have inventory home, but if you’re building to suit then it or you’re building a new one it is going to be expensive. Square footage looking at 2,553 to a little over three thousand square feet. Three to four bedrooms with an additional loft. Bathrooms at 2.5 to 3.5 and then as I said, you’re going to be having two-car garages as well. As you can see all the homes on the left-hand side that we’ve been passing are actually going to board the Lagoon. So they have a great view of the Lagoon. We will turn around here because there are no more homes down that side but it will do a full loop as well that you can see in the site map. But for now, on the right-hand side, all these homes right here are bordering that Crystal Lagoon. So they have great views of the Lagoon. If you have kids, your kids can go to the Lagoon. You can tell him. Hey stay within sight and you can watch your kids from the balcony while they play at the Lagoon if you want. As I said, this is built by Americrest, and these homes are you know the most expensive homes in the Beachwalk Nocatee Florida community. And those are going to be the ones bordering the Lagoon obviously will be the most expensive and then as you get farther into the wild, it will be less expensive, but you could be over $1,000,000 if you’re having a border the Lagoon. So we’ll leave this community now and we’re going to head to the Dorado and let last bit on these. They don’t really give much information on HOA special assessment tax information. Unless you’re getting close to buying but you can expect them to be similar to what we’ll see at the Dorado or after the Lennar home in general. As you can see to the right-hand side we have the tennis courts there and this is where the Beachwalk community clubhouses and the Lagoon is right there.

So one of the great things about the Dorado that we’re going through right now is that it is literally across the street. Now, this is a golf club community. So you can drive your golf cart, but golf cart Community, sorry golf cart community. So you can drive your golf cart everywhere, which is helpful. But being right across from the amenities is also a nice night benefit. So the Dorado is built by Lennar. They are all single-family homes starting at a little over 2,000 square feet all the way up to 3,400 square feet. You can be looking at three to four bedrooms, bathrooms three to four. You’ll be having two to three-car garages. And they’re going to be starting at about $400,000 and they go up to $554,000 as you can see they do have a good amount built here. They don’t have a ton of ready to move in houses. I think they only have one right now. So most of them are going to be where they’re going to be building after you executed the contract. Somewhere between 6 to 10 months depending on their speed of building. Your HOA for the Dorado is going to be $298, a special assessment of $303 and you can expect that tax rate of 1.25% as well. As you can see right now as we’re finishing this Loop here many people are moved in. So while you’re still going to have a lot of construction because they’re still building many of the other homes, depending on where you actually get your house. You might not have too much of the construction hassle, but that is something to always consider when you’re buying in a construction community is dealing with construction workers coming in and out. So I think that hit most of the Dorado.

So we’re going to be leaving the Dorado and we’re going to be going to The Cove community, really only one part of The Cove because the other part that says the Americrest portion really has not been built up at all. So it’s essentially just dirt but we do have the Vintage Estates section of the Cove that we can go to, it is completely sold out. So this is more going to be for people who are not going to be buying new construction, but when they start going on the market. This right-hand turn here would be the portion of the Americrest that is bordering the Lagoon but we’re going to go to the other portion of the Cove on it is just a loop. This portion of The Cove is like I said by Vintage Estates starting at $500,000 and they go all the way up to past a million. However, like I previously said they are sold out of these because they did not have many site plans. They did not have a ton of portion here. I think Americrest has sold them some of their site maps because they didn’t want to do it. But you can also see the style. These homes are very different from what we’ve seen in the Lennar built facilities and at the Americrest facilities. I’m here you’re looking at single-family homes 2,600 square feet all the way up to roughly about 3,800 square feet. As you can say they still have a few to build out. Bedrooms you looking at four. Three to four bathrooms and two to three-car garage. If you kept going straight, you’ll see an Americrest is building up some of those homes, but there’s still a lot to do there for the Americrest side the ones along the Lagoon are going to be on the single-family Townhomes that we discussed in the Atlantica Isles section and then the ones on the interior will be the single-family homes and those single-family homes would start at $300,000. So that basically gets us through the Cove because it’s a small little community right now because Americrest hasn’t done much with its portion. But like I said these you’re going to have to buy these when they come on the market because they are sold out the Vintage Estate One.

The final community that we’re going to hit is going to be Seaside Estates. Seaside Estates is a Dream Finders community and Americrest. So again Americrest initially owned it and then they gave some of it to Dream Finders because they just had too much land here, too many sites to themselves. But here is the Seaside Estate. Like I said Dream Finders is the only one building right now. Although I’m Americrest has I believe sold some of them but just haven’t started building it but so Dream Finders has the 13-floor plans with this community as you can see their building right now. This is the weekend and they’re still building which is nice to see some of the houses are still having stuff done. This right here is the Americrest portion. The only ones that are being really built are the Dream Finders. I’m as of February 2021 but many of these are sold so they’re going to have to start building sometime. I don’t know how backed up Americrest is but it looks like they are backed up pretty heavily. I will make this left hand turn to get back to the Dream Finders portion. So Dream Finders 13 floor plans single family 3,000 square feet to roughly about 4,400 square feet. Bedrooms were looking at 3 to 6. Bathrooms we’re looking at three to five. We’re looking at two to three-car garages. Let’s take the right here to look at these down here. And we’re looking price range for the Dream Finders is going to start at $524,000 and it’s going to go all the way up to $607,000 and that’s of course starting. Actually. This one straight ahead of us right here with two columns is the $606,000 model starting and it goes back to starting obviously, you know, depending on the upgrades that you can get here. But they do have all the same great amenities. HOA fees, tax rate, special assessments are all going to be similar to what you’re going to find in the Lennar communities between $300-400, with tax rates of roughly 1.25%. So yeah, so we’re going to head out of the Seaside Estates community up here.

We still do have a while a ways to go. So I’ll hit on some of the other stuff here the amenities so, you know, there are lots of ponds and these communities are building additional retail space that is really going to be huge and it’s something that it’s going to take a while but once it is all completed it is going to be such an amazing community that you can literally just never have to leave honestly because of all the retail space that will be there again in this community. You’re going to have to deal with a lot of construction still because as you saw a lot of the home sites are still empty, sold or deposits for sale. So you can expect construction to be continuing on for you know the next couple of years. Honestly, probably I don’t believe they really sold these as fast as they thought they would be really in any of these communities. I think they thought they were going to sell these a lot faster than they have because all the sites have, you know, been built. Outside of vintage estate because they only had I want to say somewhere around 20 to 30 sites to sell out. So expect a lot of construction of the next one to two years for all these communities, but after that, it’s truly going to be an amazing facility, especially once they get the retail space up going forward.

You can see as we’re driving. They have a lot of these roads that kind of dead-end off to the side. So you can also expect those are going to end up being built out for a site map and then they’re going to sell those as well. So this community even outside the 6 communities it already has there’s going to be a lot more and construction for those communities. You can expect another five-plus year. So this community is going to have a lot of construction going on for the foreseeable future, but what you really have is some amazing amenities with the largest crystal Lagoon in the State of Florida. I mean 14 Acre Crystal Lagoon, which is absolutely amazing at the Beachwalk Nocatee Florida community here. Again Beachwalk is in St. John’s Florida. It is close to Nocatee. But you do have easy access to freeways, which is nice just like the Nocatee community. So we’ll go around this roundabout and we’ll go finally into the private beach club for this Beachwalk community. So here’s the entrance and as you can see 12,000 square foot private Beach Club Fitness Center inside. It is just absolutely beautiful, the water slides off to the left there and I will show a picture in a little bit. So I appreciate guys, like, subscribe, comment below if there’s anything else you guys want to see. I will go ahead and do that for you, but I really appreciate it, and have a good day.

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