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Search for Homes For Sale In Oakridge Landing a below directly from the Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service. Oakridge Landing is located next to Durbin Crossing and Julington Creek Plantation in St Johns County FL. The big selling point with this community is the lack of CDD fee like the communities surrounding it. That alone can save a new home buyer $2000 to $3000 a year. Schedule a showing with our agents today.

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If you’re searching for houses for sale in Oakridge Landing community you probably are interested in what amenities are included with the HOA fee.

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Video Transcript

Okay, guys welcome back Cory Weikel here Realtor in Jacksonville Florida, and St John’s County. We are in Oakridge Landing today which is near Durbin Crossing and Julington Creek Plantation. Doing this Oakridge Landing HOA neighborhood drive through so you guys can see what the community actually looks like when driving through it instead of just pictures of the homes which is what you normally see on the MLS. So what you’re going to get here is no CDD fee which is why people love this community and why it is such a sought after community. You’ll have only a $660 a year HOA fee, the downside to that is you’re not going to have the amenities that Durbin Crossing or Julington Creek Plantation have. You know they have multiple pools and their swimming pool has a water slide and all that stuff.

You won’t get that here, you’re only going to get a small pill-shaped pool and that’s it. In this community, there are roughly about 187 homes give or take a few so there’s not a ton compared to the nearby communities which are just massive and have thousands of homes in the CDDs. If we’re looking at the past year sales only six homes in this community have sold in the past year and they sold between about $355 and $435 thousand. The last sales were back in September of 2020 as well and the homes are going to range from about 2,000 square feet to around 3,500 square feet. If we look at the past sales what it was showing is that homes that are 2,000 square feet and above are going to be priced under $400,000 and square footage of 3,000 and above are currently priced when they do hit the market above $400,000.

The homes here are going to be between three and five bedrooms depending on the size obviously. Some have screened-in porches, some do not; some have fences, some do not those are all options the builder of this community was Lennar and this was built back in 2014, 2015, and 2016 time frame. Homes are going to have about two to four bathrooms again depending on which one you guys go for. As you can see all the homes are very well maintained, they do not include lawn service so that’s something that you’ll have to get lawn service yourself or you’ll have yourself or your kid cut it. As you can see the homes all look relatively the same there’s not going to be any big difference in colors you know they’re all going to be a tan, a grayish color. 

When we’re looking at property taxes you can expect property taxes to be between three thousand and five thousand obviously depending on the house that you get. The lower you know three-bedroom, two thousand square feet are going to be on the lower end around the $3,000 range while the 3,000 square foot will be on the higher range of that close to the $5,000 range of taxes currently in 2021. So we did have a down bad downpour and that’s why you can see to the right it’s swampy. I have not noticed that before and I have driven here a lot but that is something to know obviously it’s Florida so swamp is is pretty standard and many of it has you know just been torn up and built over.

So this is a different section of Oakridge Landing, it is you still the HOA it’s just kind of split off into its own little section. Here again, the houses are still going to be very similar tan, grayish nothing bold is going to stand out,  here you’re not going to get very different looking houses they’re all very uniform. Another great thing about Oakridge Landing is its proximity to Veterans Park. Veterans Park is in my personal opinion the best park in st John’s. It has you know multiple sports fields, it has turf fields, the Florida Elite Soccer Club operates out of there. In addition, there’s a pond, there’s a playground for the kids, there’s a skate park,  and there’s also a dog park as well and there’s also basketball facilities. Every time I’ve been there the bathrooms have been open, relatively clean for a public park and it’s it is a good place for kids to go. Personally, my daughter loves that park, she plays soccer there as well. 

Another thing you’ll see is solar panels, so there this area is good for solar panels because there’s not a lot of trees on the actual properties of the houses. You can obviously see those trees in the background there but that’s not going to affect solar too much at all because of where they are. You’re not going to see those high oak trees above the houses here that are going to block the sun from getting that solar. So solar is good in this area if you want to add that to the house. So those are really some of the main points I’m trying to think if there’s really anything else that really sticks out to me about this community. Again rarely do they come on the market like I said only six home sales in the past year.

There are several ponds around the community and some of the homes are backed up to those ponds but there’s not a ton of common grass area to play at. There’s not like a sports field or anything for kids to play at but they do have the veterans park across the way. So we’re almost on the final stretch here I think I hit everything I wanted to really hit and you’ll see as we come across in this last section when I turn right up here this is the final stretch of Oakridge Landing. This is where it will transition from Oakridge Landing to Durbin Crossing and it’s very easy to see where that shift happens and I will show you right when we come up around this band. Up here there’s a big sign that says road narrowing and that’s when you can kind of start seeing the change and you’ll see that the road actually changes colors.

So that’s coming up right here, so I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this drive-through. Let me know if you liked it, if there’s another community you want me to do, and thank you for watching. Subscribe, like. If you need realtor services around you can call me at 904-200-5492. And now we are in Durbin Crossing so I appreciate it guys. Like, comment, subscribe below and I’ll see you guys next time thank you

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