What Are The Best Areas To Live In Jacksonville FL

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Many people ask us as Realtors what are the best areas to live in Jacksonville FL when getting ready to move. Therefore we have compiled a top 5 list of areas in Jacksonville and each has its benefits and drawbacks. An example is if you enjoy nightlife you would probably choose JAX Beach or Riverside over Mandarin. The opposite would be true if you were a settled down family.


Mandarin is one of the most sought after communities in the Jacksonville area due to its great schools and spaced out homes. Many homes here have over half an acre which would be hard to find in the other neighborhoods. The downside to Mandarin is that there isn’t much nightlife around, there are plenty of restaurants and shopping centers but not many bars. That’s why mandarin is a great place for families but maybe not the best location for bachelors.

JAX Beach

Jacksonville Beach is one of the best neighborhoods for nightlife due to the beach bars in the area. however, it is also a suitable place for families as there are many communities like Isle of Palms here that provide privacy away from the bars as well. While you won’t be able to get a ton of land here, you have the upside of being on the beach with minimal travel time. In fact many of the homes for sale here are within walking distance to the beaches.


Avondale is a happy medium between the family feel and the bachelor feel. It allows you to be close enough to the nightlife of Riverside while still not having to deal with the traffic and noise that comes with the nightlife. It is also still within a bike ride distance to the bars in Riverside so you don’t have to worry about needing to get in a car. Avondale offers many historic single-family homes with at least some yard. Due to most of the homes being older, you may need to do more fixes and updates if you want a modern house.


Riverside is the hip area of Jacksonville and many younger college students and military service members are flocking to the area. This is in part due to King Street which offers a large number of nightlife opportunities including the Garage and Kickbacks. This may be an area you want to avoid if you have a young family and are sensitive to traffic and noise that comes with the bar scene. However, for the younger bachelors who want to be within walking distance to get nightlife, this is the prime neighborhood for you.

Town center

St Johns Town Center is one of the newer areas people are flocking to. it is a massic outdoor shopping center with an almost unlimited amount of restaurants to choose from. The Town Center nightlife construction has boomed in the last 5-10 years, including the construction of Top golf and iFLY. In addition, the number of condos and townhomes in the area is almost unlimited and a good deal is always available. Situated right next to UNF, this area is also popular with students who rent out condos. This could also make it a good investment opportunity if you plan on renting out after moving onto a different location.

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